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Geno2pheno [structure]

This software has gone through initial testing in the developer lab which is the basis for the publication (cite PLOS CB paper). The software has not yet been submitted to routine clinical testing. If you require software that has been submitted to routine clinical testing please turn to the software offers under the tab "Services".

On submitting below a sequence containing the V3 region of the HIV-1 envelope protein gp120, you will obtain a sequence alignment to the reference strain HXB2 and a prediction of the coreceptor usage: CXCR4-capable (R5/X4 or X4 variants) vs. not (R5 variants).

1. Identifier (optional)
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2. Sequence containing the

V3 region of gp120:
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3. Model:
4. Action:

You will make prediction № 3576. Service started February 1, 2013.